Captain Edith Strong Case Study Paper

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Captain Edith Strong
Jennifer Mathiesen
Managing Criminal Justice Personnel
June 10, 2013
Mark Weissmann
Captain Edith Strong Captain Edith Strong is an 18 year law enforcement veteran and is currently the watch commander of a Field Operations Division in the city of Rogerville; a city that covers 65.4 square miles and has more than 101,000 citizens. The Field Operations Division is mostly made up of White males. There is a definitive chain of command and each job is clear-cut and each officer follows his or her job description religiously. Deviation of a job description always result in disciplinary action, which typically results in a write up. This division takes care of 62% of the departments’ measurable workload, yet
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However, because police work is so unique, the motivational strategy Captain Strong must adopt is actually a marriage of two types of motivation theories: process theories and content theories. Both types of theories will supplement one another. Process theories deal with the ‘how’ and content theories deal with the ‘what’ concerning motivation. The two motivational theories Captain Strong should use are Theory Y and the Equity theory (More, Vito & Walsh, 2012). Theory Y is a content theory based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Theory Y suggests that once lower-level needs [survival, security, and belonging] are reasonably satisfied individuals are then motivated by higher-order needs for self-esteem and self-actualization (More, Vito & Walsh, 2012). The process theory Captain Strong needs to use is the Equity theory, which could also be referred to as the ‘fairness’ theory. Concerning motivation, equity directly refers to perceived fairness of the reward system and rewards. Law Enforcement officer perceive a discrepancy in the equality of treatment. This is recognizable by some of the complaints provided by the patrol officers. The actuality of the inequality is not a factor because actual or perceived the officer still believes particular things are not equal, and this always leads to low morale (More, Vito & Walsh, 2012). Combining Theory Y and the equity Theory helps Captain Strong produce a solution to the

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