Capstone- Case Report Essay

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Acquires business case report
Executive summary
In these report we will assess and evaluate the issues and causes face by acquire solutions. We will assess the company measures through treating employees equally, knowing their prospects, salary, company ownership, various individuals and cultures, cultural values, knowing the problems and providing goods and services these criteria will help us to come up with an effective decision. Then in the report the alternatives would be discussed for the issues and causes faced by the firm, as various alternatives and conduct that helps to assess the issues and causes, as comparing of these alternatives against the decision criteria would help us in undoubtedly in classifying and choosing the
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Another issue the firm is encountering is that due to high growth levels of the firm, as its expanding in a large scale with increase in number of employees, customers and setting up offices in various locations.
The firm is now no longer a small scale firm as it has and is continuously expanding over the period, so they are being continuously affected by the conditions in the economy being positive or negative and they are equally responsible for their employees and customers as they need to maintain stability and customer confidence during the soon expected financial crisis, as they would be making lower level of profits.
Decision criteria
Corporate objective Decision criteria and metrics Definition Metrics ( objective or subjective criteria) Treating equally Training employees, being fair to them, knowing employee plans and opportunity subjective Retention of employees Knowing prospects Knowing if the employee supports the firms mission objective Salary Providing sustainable financial support objective
Maintaining private ownership ownership The leaders should be knowing to whom will they pass on the leadership to and they capable

Diversified culture Various individuals Involving various highly capable people objective Cultural values Making sure cultural values are well defined, the values are installed and maintained in the organisation

objective Knowing problems Knowing what customers problems and try to solve

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