Capitalism And The Issue Of Economic Systems Essay

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Currently, the world is profoundly segregated on the issue of economic systems. Divided on the issue, people are supporting capitalism, socialism or a mix of both. In fact, there are no pure capitalist or socialist systems. Pure capitalism, the existence of free market, is the perfect system for the prosperity of individuals, communities and the nation as a whole. People who work so hard do not have the responsibility to pay others bills. That would only uphold further idleness and laziness to those people who fancy hard-working citizens can support everyone else.
However, citizens of a socialist state are not to blame. The lack of knowledge and negligence on the issue are the main reasons why these people are not choosing capitalism over socialism. To many, socialism is seen as basic economic equality and everything is for free which is not true. No matter how, someone will always reimburse for it. That may through unfair taxation of a hard-worker, which is not impartial and utter contradiction to what people expect— fairness and equality.
Even if capitalism did not exist until the 16th century, human beings had exhibited capitalistic nature for all their existence. Hard work had always been rewarded. The fittest had always survived. In this case, the fittest is the one who works the hardest and becomes the best out of the competition. These proves that human beings are naturally wired to function best with capitalism.
Surprisingly, the majority of people prefer…

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