Capitalism And Socialism Vs. The Environment Essay

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Capitalism and Socialism vs. the Environment

In the world today, capitalism and socialism are known to be harmful to the environment. As Americans, we consume a lot of natural resources and live less sustainably than other countries. However, China is labeled as the world’s leader of consumption. Most significantly, “Can Earth keep up with human consumptions across the globe?”

How does our population growth relate to wildlife? Over the past 40 years, 50 percent of wildlife have been whipped out due to human’s consumption. Between the years 1970-2014, the world’s population increased 3,388,728,097 throughout the nations. According to Norwich University report, our current population of seven billion and counting will extend to 10 billion by 2025. Out of 196 countries in the world, China has the largest population of 1.357 billion.

Although China has the largest population, the U.S has consumed more than any other country. The U.S also invests vast dollars (16.77 trillion) in gross domestic products. We are using more natural resources than needed.

Humans are constantly deteriorating our planet natural resources, such as land, water systems, emitting greenhouse gases, and retaining agricultural chemicals into the environment. Not to mention, everyday our air is being polluted by industrialized countries; the United States, China, and Europe. The highest level of air pollution is occurring in major cities, where industrial factories are close to population.


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