Essay on Capital Punishment And The Death Penalty

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There has always been a controversy regarding the topic capital punishment or the death penalty. Many believe that the death penalty is absolutely wrong while others believe that the death penalty is very effective. Both sides of the argument have evidence that favorably supports their side. The death penalty is used to punish those who have committed the act of murder. People who have carry out such an atrocious act deserve to receive certain punishments. According to The Atlantic, starting when the death penalty was re-established in 1976 to the year 2002, the United States has executed a total of 820 people and 3,700 more are on the death row. It may seem like a small number but they are all individuals who are not necessarily guilty. Criminal punishment is something that should not be allowed due to flaws in the system, racial bias, and how ineffective it is towards law enforcement. Many systems that are ran by people have many defects to it. The death penalty is a very serious matter that requires a great deal of time and money to solve but no necessarily accurate. In Columbia University’s study, in “5,760 capital case, the report found an overall rate of error of 68 percent” (Whitehead). Humans can never reach perfect. Putting someone’s life in the hands of imperfect humans can cause the death of many innocent people. As proved in Columbia University’s study, more than half of the cases were found containing error. Executing a person, is not something that can be…

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