Essay about Capital Punishment And The Death Penalty

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The Death Penalty, sentencing a person to death, a concept that has been used for centuries throughout the history of the world. It has followed mankind though every stage of time. In history, it is recorded that people have been punished for a crime in a multitude of ways from being publicly humiliated to being cast out or also being put to death. As the times progressed, many punishments were faded out but still in existence today is the ultimate penalty for a crime, that is the punishment by death. Today, this is called Capital Punishment or the Death Penalty in the United States. As times have evolved with us, so has the stance of this judgement. For years, people have protested the Death Penalty as claims to be unethical while others still believe it is the best solution. This is cause for many controversies in this matter. Now, is it time to eliminate the Death Penalty or should it continue to exist for the benefit of humanity? In my perspective, I believe that if a person can commit such an evil act as abusing a child or committing murder on a defenseless individual for self-gratification, it is justification for this type of ruling. For centuries, the ultimate punishment known as death penalty has existed throughout the world. The Romans practiced it as did the Egyptians and other cultures from the past. The United States still practices the judgement in 2016. As the saying goes, “A life for a life”, many interpret this saying as, if someone takes a life then the…

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