Cancer: The Three Treatments And Treatment Of Cancer

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There is No Cure
Cancer affects millions of people 's lives around the world. Over 1,665,540 people were diagnosed and 585,720 people died from cancer in 2014 (“Cancer Facts”). Cancer owns the future because there is no cure. Many people have devoted their entire lives to finding a cure for cancer. Billions of dollars have been put into research. Unfortunately, everyone has come up short in finding a definite way of curing cancer.
Cancer has three main treatments: chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. The three treatments and cancer research are not able to keep up with the increase in cancer incidents in the human population. Chemotherapy is the use of certain drugs to treat cancer. Doctors will choose drugs depending on the type of cancer
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Radiation therapy uses high-energy radiation to shrink tumors and kill cancerous cells (“Radiation”). Radiation is usually given by a machine outside of the body shooting beams of radiation at the site of the cancer. The machine that produces the radiation is called a Computed Tomography Scanner. Like chemotherapy, side effects come with the use of radiation at a treatment though. Some of the side effects are; skin problems, fatigue, jaw stiffness, shortness of breath, cough, fever, burns. These will depend on where the beams are aimed. Radiation is used frequently in patients with prostate cancer. Most of the time radiation will stop the growth of the tumor rather than get rid of it completely. Percentage of men diagnosed with prostate cancer from 2010-2012 was 14 percent. Survival rate of these men that use radiation therapy is about 27% after five years (“Recurrence”).
Another popular way to treat patients of cancer is to use surgery. Surgery is probably the most straight-forward form of removing cancer, but it also has some side effects. Some include; pain, fatigue, appetite loss, bleeding, infection, reproduction issues (“Side”). Results of surgery to remove tumors are generally positive. Although doctors could miss some of the tumor and it could continue to
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This is why we need to find cures for cancer soon. The future of cancer research holds many new ways of trying to cure the disease. Treatments we use now are functional for some people whose type of cancer perfectly fits the treatment doctors are using. One of the new ways of knowing what medicine to use on what people with what illness, is called precision medicine. The idea of it is that if we know the patient 's genomic profile and personal history, we can know what medicine or treatment will best fit them to cure them as soon as possible. This technique uses DNA sequencing tests to guide the doctor’s on the right path to treating the

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