Cancer Specific Mutant Proteins For Immunotherapy Essay

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Cancer Specific Mutant Proteins for Immunotherapy

Samuel Palczewski, David Han, Debbie Lundgren, Veneta Qendro

ABSTRACT: Currently, there are few ways to treat cancer, especially in the late stages. We rely on Chemotherapy, radiation, and/or surgical removal, none of which are without massive downsides. Chemotherapy causes mass mutation in the body and it has not been determined if this treatment makes cancer patients more susceptible to cancer later down the line. Surgery on cancer tissue has no guarantee of total tumor removal and works only as a temporary cure in most cases. We pressingly need new therapies to target the overarching causes of carcinogenesis instead of using existing treatments which have broad and damaging impacts.
Immunotherapy is a favorable alternative to existing treatments. Cancer has been tackled using immunotherapeutic strategies such as checkpoint inhibitors, chimeric antigen-receptor T cells, and tumor infiltrating T cells, but with limited success. These treatments have great potential, but currently no more than 25% of reported cases result in a full recovery [1]. We aim to further the knowledge surrounding immunotherapy by identifying patient-specific cancer-antigens, increase the immune response against cancer, and cause complete cure or long-term remission.
To achieve these goals, I have worked on identifying cancer associated mutated proteins and coming up with a technology of how best to select for cancer antigens.
First, using…

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