cancer care Essay

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HAT Task 2
Community Health Practice (0310)
October 20, 2013

A. Explain how your own perceptions about quality of life and health problems might affect your care for a dying patient with a lingering illness such as cancer. It is the nurse’s responsibility to remove their personal beliefs when providing care to the patient. If the nurse is persistent in their own beliefs and values there can be a disruption in the successful transition to palliative care. Nurses may feel that they are failing at their job when a patient chooses to go into palliative treatment. The nurse may question their performance as a nurse and have uncertainty regarding whether or not they could of done something more for that
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Thomas is a police officer and the social worker may be able to identify fraternal police organizations that offer assistance to police officers and their families during time of illness. Mr. Thomas may be eligible for the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) to give him time to care for his wife while not having to work full time. In addition, the social worker can assist with identifying psychological services to help with the husband’s depression and anticipatory grief. Therapy may be of assistance to help with the impaired family coping wherein Mrs. Thomas two sons find it “too painful to visit”. Family therapy may help the children learn about death and dying so that that they may be more involved in their mother’s life.

C. Holistic Nursing Plan for Mrs. Thomas
a. Discuss ways to optimize Mrs. Thomas’s functional ability at this stage of her illness. The nurse would have an occupational therapist come into Mrs. Thomas’s home to complete an occupational assessment and in home safety assessment. The occupational therapist would be able to recommend adaptive equipment to help Mrs. Thomas so she will be able to maintain her independence. The occupational therapist may recommend items to assist with self care such as shower chairs and handles for the bathroom. Other useful adaptive equipment may include adaptive utensils and toothbrushes. These items are specially made for individuals who may have weakness and are easier to hold then traditional

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