Essay Cancer : A Malignant Neoplasm

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There are more than 100 types of human cancer. Cancer is a malignant neoplasm. Cancer is a group of diseases that involve abnormal cell growth, often spreading throughout the body. Cancer causes over 10% of all human deaths.("Bone tumor") It starts out as a small tumor that then grows unrestricted. Because cancer cells replicate endlessly the cancer will spread until it interferes so heavily with the patients bodily functions that they die. Bone tumors can be cancerous. Benign bone tumors are not very harmful and won’t spread. Malignant bone tumors on the other hand are cancerous and will spread. Malignant bone tumors kill 37% of patients within five years.("Bone tumor") At first the only symptom is a slight pain. However, the pain will increase as the tumor grows and other symptoms, such as a weakening of the bone may develop. Eventually the tumor spreads into the rest of the body, where it interferes with the function of other organs. Bone cancers are very rare. They only make up 0.2% of the overall number of cancer cases. ("University of Rochester Medical Center”) Around three thousand people will be diagnosed this year and about half that number will die. ("University of Rochester Medical Center”) The most common bone cancer, Chondrosarcoma, accounts for 40% of cases. ("University of Rochester Medical Center”) However, in those under 20 Osteosarcoma, the second most common overall, is first with 56% of cases. ("University of Rochester Medical Center”) The causes of…

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