Cancer : A Group Of Diseases Essay

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Cancer is a group of diseases, occurred by damage of change in the genetic material in DNA of cells due to environmental or internal genetic factor where result abnormal, uncontrolled cell growth to multiply until massive cancer cells or tumours develop.
Alternations in gene expression induced by epigenetic event, which enhance to a cellular growth, are resulting the progressive growth of the tumour. Also changed sequences of the complete gnome can cause mutations and structural alternations to produce abnormal proteins that can cause damage to neighbouring cells.

As many carcinogens, radiation has the potential to damage structures inside a cell, where DNA is the structure of most concern.
Ultraviolet radiation is a radiation of intermediate energy that can damage cells which also known as sun burn.
With extreme UV exposure, it can distort DNA and cause specific types of DNA damage in skin cells and cell death. In addition oxidative DNA, nucleotide damage and failure of cells to repair damage can prompt cells to mutate and leading to the development of skin cancer.
Ionising radiation is electromagnetic radiation whose waves contain energy sufficient to overcome the binding energy of electrons in atoms or molecules, thus creating ions. It consists particles, X-rays, or gamma rays with sufficient energy.
Nucleic acid and proteins in the cells can be ionised or excited when exposed to ionising radiation that it may cause damages and changes in the internal structures.…

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