Cancer : A Dangerous Disease Essay

1430 Words Nov 10th, 2016 6 Pages
According to National Cancer Institute, cancer is a very dangerous disease where the cells continue to replicate nonstop. Furthermore, this indicates that cancer is when cells continue to grow uncontrollably in which it causes a tumor that is harmful to the body. Generally, cancer stays localized in one area of the body, yet, certain types of cancer spread to other parts of the body (About Cancer 2016). Cancer is a detrimental disease that is killing a large amount of people all around the world. The rate of cancer will be compared and contrasted between the United States and Japan. While cancer is a global issue, the different rates show how it affects both cultures contrarily.
Cancer is a disease that has been in effect for a long time now. Cancer has been prevalent in history for many centuries dating all the way back to 3000 BC (Early History of Cancer 2016). At this time, people detected tumors and they did all that they could to remove them but they realized that there was no cure. After all these years with this disease, there still is no cure but there have been numerous progressions. There are various types of cancer which can range from breast cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, and many more. The manifestations of growth extremely relying upon the particular kind of cancer one has developed. Some general symptoms include a lump on/under the skin, reoccurring cough, painful urination, difficulty eating, rapid weight gain/loss, changes in bowel habits, and fatigue…

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