Canadian Pension Pl A National Social Insurance Program Essay

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In Canada at the age of sixty five you are eligible to get a full pension, and it can increase at the age of seventy. The Canadian Pension Plan (CPP) is a national social insurance program that mandates employed Canadians at the age of 18 and older can contribute some of their earnings to the national pension plan. The government then withdraws the money and shares it among the retired Canadians that are sixty five years of age and older. These retired Canadians receive $800 a month. The Canadian Pension Plan assists the disabled retirees and provides them with benefits, death benefits, and prepares you for financially easier future. The Canadian Pension Plan is one of, if not the most important program in Canadian history. The Canadian Pension helps the disabled and provides them with benefits. If you were to have mental or physical issues and unable to sign up for the Canadian Pension Plan. You are categorized under the disabled. Once you are better and able to request for a. incapacity provision, for your condition. An example of this scenario is for instance I have turned sixty five and I am mentally or physically un-stable, within a year of pension myself I would then request incapacity provision and still be legible for the CPP. This demonstrates that by helping the disabled who are unable to do things on time by no fault of their own the CPP is still going to help them there for its one of the most important programs. The Canadian Pension…

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