Canadian National Railway Company : A Modern Combined Company

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Canadian National Railway Company, also named CN, is a modern combined company that merges many middle and small railroad companies, which is the biggest railway company in Canada and the fifth biggest railway company in the North America. Established in 1919 by the Canadian government, the CN company is the first railroad line that links the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. It was a state-owned business since its establishment for up to 76 years, and it carried out privatization reform in 1995 and succeed in coming into market. The network of the CN company owned about 20.000 route miles of track that stretches across mid-America and Canada, allowing passengers reached the three North American Free Trade Agreement. The CN company mainly engaged in petrochemical products, metal, mineral, coal, grain, chemical fertilizer, car and container intermodal transport business.
Prior to listing, the CN company was a typical state-owned company, and it confronted with some substantial and tough problems in the 1990s. The CN company was established in a period when the country encountered war and went through domestic urgency. Railways has been the main long-distant travel model of Canada for many years. The CN company has consumed 96 billion Canadian dollars of the tax payers and it still had the long-term debt of 23 hundred million Canadian dollars by 1993. It has got into significant trouble and became the biggest headaches for the Canadian government.…

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