Canadian Government And The United Nations Essay

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Catch: From 1956-1992 Canada was the the United Nations (UN) Peacekeeping Force largest and single contributor,but dramatically decreased after 1992. Canada in 2011, was 57th of the 193 UN member states. Background Information:
A peacekeeping nation, is a country that strives on helping developing countries, and countries in crisis. Also, a peacekeeping nation is one that doesn’t discriminate, maintains peace in its own country, and helps the United Nations (UN) by contributing money and soldiers that maintain peace without any use of violence. That was Canada from 1956-1992 but Canada’s past does not support its title as a peacekeeping nation.

Argument one: Canadian government discriminated its minority groups, instead of trying to bring peace to them.

Argument two: The Canadian government did not care or for its people but ignored them and their problems.

Argument three: The Canadian government has contributed less soldiers to the peacekeeping missions and more money instead, which has negative outcomes.

Thesis Statement:
Therefore, Canada does not deserve its peacekeeping title, since it does not fit the description of a peacekeeping nation.

Body Argument #1:

Topic sentence: Canadian government throughout history has victimized minorities in Canada.

Transitional word/phrase #1: To begin,

Point #1: The Canadian government sent Canadian airborne troops to Somalia, to maintain peace, but instead had dreadful consequences.

Proof #1: The airborne troops…

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