Canadian Blood Service Case Essay

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Case Analysis
Canadian Blood Services

I. Introduction
Canadian Blood Services (CBS) has a reputation that makes people feel comfortable in knowing that when they donate blood there will be professionals that will take care of them and they receive the satisfaction of knowing they are saving lives. It is this good feeling that brings donors into clinics to donate. However, Canadian Blood Services faces challenges in recruiting new blood donors and require increase donation collections to keep up with the growing demand for blood.

II. Situational Analysis (S.W.O.T)
A. Strengths
Positive brand image. Provides important and vital services.
Saves live (Produces blood for people in need of blood)
Nonprofit organization
CBS is a
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This can be done at events/fairs, on streets, in communities and at universities and workplace. At some popular locations, celebrities can be invited to attract interests and media’s attention. Can team up with local communities (companies and schools) to reach greater audience. Also can share workload with partners, thus ease the manpower required.
Proposal II: Give blood, Receive blood
The idea behind this would be that if you give blood (3 times per year) you would be considered a regular blood donor. Regular blood donors who are in need of blood would be placed on a separate list, which would put them ahead of people who do not donate. This gives people incentive to donate in that if you are willing and able to donate today, you will be able to receive blood in the future. One can see that there are some fundamental problems with this proposal in that what happens if someone is not capable of donating? The solution to this would be that if you are not capable of donate (tattoos, piercings in the last six months or contaminated blood) these people would be able to volunteer their time to help the CBS such as cleaning clinics and making phone calls to remind people to donate.

VI. Recommendation and Conclusion
After assessing the alternatives, I recommend that CBS implements a combination of alternative #2 and #3: to use social media for raising awareness, and to focus on small scale campaigns in selected communities.
Both alternatives are cost effective and

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