Essay on Canada 's World War And The Cold War

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Canada’s images throughout the years has changed and evolved into what it is today. A peacekeeping nation. But it wasn 't always known as that. Canada was a nation just like any other building and improving itself, but it wasn’t until the First World War that people started to notice Canada as its own country. Events from the First and Second World War and the Cold War have shaped Canada into what it is today. Events such as Vimy Ridge, where Canada had to fight against the German Sixth Army in a battle that no other country could win. This is the fight that would decide if Canada is truly its own nation that is able to hold its own. In the Second World War, Canada’s task was to raid a German occupied port called Dieppe. The events that followed changed Canada’s image forever and left a bad mark in Canada’s history. Lastly, Canada created an anti-imperialism group in 1949 because of the emerging dangers of the Cold War. Just like the two previous events, this will change the way other countries look at Canada.

Canada emerged from the shadows of Britain as a formidable country able to stand on its own after the battle of Vimy Ridge. Vimy Ridge is an escarpment and it was where the battle occurred. Canadian Corps had to take control of the high ground to get an advantage but it was already held down by the German Sixth Army. This proved to be a difficult task and Canadian Corps underwent weeks of training to prepare for this battle. Victory was highly dependent on the…

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