Canada And America 's Relationship Essay

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Canada at the end of the second World War had started to make a name for itself. Canada was no longer seen as a country not strong to defend itself, but a country filled with brave men and women. As time went on and the war was being pushed back into the background Canada started to develop a close relationship with a very powerful country. Canada and America’s relation had started to take off and in every aspect made Canada stronger and more dangerous every single day. Canada and America’s relationship impacted three big ways of life in Canada. The relationship had started to change Canada economically in a big way and started to make Canada more “American” than “British.” It changed how decisions were done politically as now Canada had a very powerful ally that made them stronger and a bigger threat than ever before. Lastly the relationship had a big impact on the society of Canada changing it in a better way and making it more of an “American” way and less of a “European” country. All of this lead to one big and very important change to Canada. The relationship between Canada and the USA allowed Canada to grow even stronger and prove to the world that they were no longer a small and weak country, but a powerful country with an even bigger and more powerful ally.

Economically Canada and America had a lot to do with each other. Canada started to really cut the roots from the British and started to lean toward to more of a North American lifestyle. Even though Canada…

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