Canad A Multicultural Place From The Start Essay

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Immigration has significantly added to Canadian identity and what it means to be Canadian because of the stages carved towards multiculturalism and a greater Canada. In fact one could argue that Canada was a multicultural place from the start. For instance the first people to live on the land were the Aboriginals from Asia, then the European Settlers, to Africans, and even Latin Americans. The Chinese Immigration act in 1923, the celebration of the two millionth immigrant since confederation in 1972, and the Immigration Act are important events because they all represent and show how multiculturalism has developed to become a part of Canada’s proud identity.

Canada’s current identity cannot be separated with history, for instance, when the Parliament of Canada passed the Chinese Immigration Act, otherwise known as the Chinese Exclusion Act. Immigration was controlled and restricted but the Chinese, including ethnic Chinese with British nationality, were completely prohibited. The first Chinese immigrants arrived at the Fraser River during the gold rush to immigrate to Canada from the north of San Francisco in 1858. China was an open country with European visitors for half a century formulating recruitments for labor however when it came to living they were seen as inassimilable, consequently being blamed for causing unfair unemployment, slavery and prostitution, essentially all negative occurrence in a society (Bumsted 127). However July 1, 1923, the day the Canadian…

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