Can We Resist Temptations? Essay

1141 Words May 28th, 2016 null Page
The lesson this week’s discussion starts off with the question “can we resist temptations”.
The author of our lesson points out that our temptations are a part of life from the time we first trade our favorite pacifier in for those temper tantrums that insure everything is going to be done on our terms.
I am also sure that none of us every faced a temptation that could have directed us down the wrong path in life during our teenage years.
Then when we finally think we are mature adults, and we are positive we have complete control over their lives another form of temptation arises.
Have you never observed a responsible established man or woman who stumbles and allows a case of midlife crises cause a self-made disastrous event erupt in their lives.
Many times a midlife temptation can and will destroy not only the instigator of the midlife crises; but the damage from a midlife crises will also have a long term damaging effects upon the instigator’s family and friends.
There is still room for temptations damaging effects.
The author of the lesson points out that in our life cycles there is still room for damaging the effects of temptations even in the latter stages of our lives.
We may be too old to blame our mistakes on some form of middle life crises; but dumb decisions still have potential penalties wither we are young or old.
Whatever our age when we allow our thinking to fall under these words described in 1 Corinthians 15:32b you should realize disaster is nipping at…

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