Can There Be A World Without Walt Disney World

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Can there be a world without Walt Disney? The answer is no, because he has transformed the way of the television and theme park industry that consists in our world today. Walt also brought great teachings and inspirations such as the ability to dream. Walt once said,” If you can dream it you can do it." Walt Disney is a wonderful and patriotic man who had a wonderful and happy life doing what he loves, making other 's dreams come true. First who is Walt Disney and how did he start his parks in such as: the land, the time, and how it can about and what makes the parks so "magical?" Walter Disney was born on December 5, 1901, in a small town of Chicago, Illinois. His father was Elias Disney and his mother, Flora Call …show more content…
And Disneyland and Disney World is located in Orange

County, California and Orange County, Florida, which is magic in itself.

But what actually makes Disney so magical? Walt Disney once said," The greatest moments in life are not concerned with selfish achievements but rather with the things we do for the people we love and esteem." In this quote Walt makes it clear that it’s not about making himself happy but, putting others first. Another reason is behind every attraction there is a story to be told and the

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details behind the ride and the care for them. But the main reason his park are

so magical is the effects on your senses. There is the sight which just the

buildings are amazing and very interesting. Then there 's hearing which the

sounds of Disney are amazing with motives or rides with a sing-along. Touch

with rides such as Splash Mountain as you get wet. Smell is being used

throughout all the rides, for example in the Mickey’s Philar Magic show they use

scents to make you smell certain parts of the shows. The taste sensor is used in

the restaurants. The neatest thing that comes to mind when talking about
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Then the

animators stepped forward, Walt looked at them and fired them and immediately

left the party . Unfortunately, Disney did not get to see his final theme park finished Because in 1966, he died of circulatory collapse, which was created by lung

cancer because Walt was known as a chain smoker. Which is the practice of

smoking a number of cigarettes. But he would always check to see if was

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watching because he believed it was a bad influence to be smoking around

children in his park and in his daily life. But his brother Roy carried out his plans

he had left behind and in 1967 and 1970 they made the movies, “The Jungle

Book,” and “The Aristocrats,” to show that the company could still make very

interesting and fun movies for every family to enjoy. Even after his death, Walt Disney is very inspirational to many lives and can teach other that dream can come true. He has made an empire by making these wonderful new ideas and thoughts and how we can see our future today. Which makes Disney himself a very magical

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