Can Society Exist Without Law Essay

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The question whether society can exist without law is somewhat an interesting question, because depending on which context you may want to look at this question there may be views and arguments that tends to differ because of how individuals view the law and society, indicating for or against whether society can indeed exist without laws. This could be a great debate but first we need to answer questions like what is society? What is law?. According to Black’s Law Dictionary a society is defined as an association or company of persons in considerable number interesting in a common object or a group of people living in the same place, under the same laws and regulations, and who have common rights and
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This is how the laws protect us from other people’s careless driving.

Laws are enacted by our elected representatives to protect the rights of life and property from those in society who sometimes use their status, wealth and manipulation to restrict the rights of others who are unable to protect themselves. Therefore laws were written to be followed and applied equally to all persons in society and to ensure that no one feels abused by his fellow society member.


Morality is base on what a person perceives as right or wrong while the law is base on rules and regulations to maintain order in a society. When we look at morality we can decipher the principle of good and bad. People who have moral beliefs base their lifelong attitude and teachings to doing the right thing no matter what. For example if a person is married and somehow gets tempted to have an extramarital affair and he/she looks at the moral principle of right and wrong. Then morality kicks in and that person will make the right decision not to engage in such affair. In this example the situation is base on morality alone as adultery is not prohibited by law. It is morally wrong but not legally wrong. In another example we have a case where a person kills another person; now this is both morally and legally wrong. In general people abide by the moral law and adhere to the laws set out by government. This is

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