Can Capitalism Save The Planet? Essay

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World War II was an interesting era specifically for countries who already believed themselves to be industrialized. Post World War II, pushed American manufactures to a frenzy to produce the best products on the market. Although businesses began skyrocketing in profits, waste levels became an undeniable problem. Americans developed methods of disposal; however, in order to protect the environment more was needed than just disposal mechanisms. Since the 1950’s, American environmentalists introduced eco-friendly ideas; however, they came a long way in accepting green capitalism (eco-capitalism). Before environmentalists acknowledged the idea of green capitalism they experimented on some successful and non-successful methods. Some of which include legislative aid and advertisement. Throughout the years Americans continued to contribute to excessive waste; consequently, American businesses and environmentalists conformed to eco-capitalism. In the early 1950’s refuse became unbearable and dangerous; as a result, Americans pushed matters into the hands of the government. In “Can Capitalism Save The Planet?” Ted Steinberg stated that “In 1953…farmers, concerned that cows were swallowing glass bottles…united to compel the state legislature to ban these containers…” (par. 23). State legislatures succeeded in initiating the bottle ban; however, it was overturned in 1957 due to the persuasion of companies like American Can Company and Owens-Illinois Glass Company. Other states used…

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