Essay on Can Advertising Influence the Way We Live Our Life

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Can Advertising Influence the Way We Live Our Life?

The prevalence of advertising in modern, consumer driven, societies is strong and growing more all the time, with television, radio, the Internet, newspapers and magazines the most ubiquitous platforms. With advertising companies increasingly looking for new media and platforms on which to advertise: roller coasters such as the "Pepsi Max T Big One" and the "Playstation" at Blackpool's Pleasure Beach, and aspects of every commercialized sport currently played, from football jerseys right down to the helmets of motorcycle riders, this begs an important question: do advertisements merely influence consumers choice of the brand of product they will buy, or do they fundamentally influence
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This trial, the supporting evidence and the judges decision all tended to support the view that cigarette advertising was not only capable of influencing the way people lived their life, but that it actively did. Cigarettes are known as a badge product because they provide consumers, especially young consumers, with a token for communicating their identity. "In the cigarette category brand image is everything. The brand of cigarettes a person smokes is their identity. Cigarettes tell others who they are as a person. There is a strong emotional connection to the brand, the image it projects about the smoker, not only to themselves but to others" (Pollay, 2004)

This evidence is further reinforced in another cultural context: Goldberg (2003) analysed a survey of over 1,700 Hong Kong adolescents, and found that it indicates that their smoking-related behaviors are related to their exposure to cigarette advertising, promotional products, and movies. American media and tobacco firms dominate the Hong Kong tobacco and cigarette industries, resulting in strong preferences for American cigarette brands, particularly Marlboro. As a correlational study, this research does not, of

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