Essay about Can A Leopard Change Its Spots?

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Can a Leopard Change Its Spots? This is not a joke, folks. I am really asking if a leopard can change its spots. Because, after listening to two episodes of the A Way With Words radio show, I would like to add some new vocabulary to my language repertoire. One episode in particular, “XYZ PDQ”, peaked my interest, probably because every word and phrase examined in that episode is a word or phrase that I would like to start using. Now, you are probably wondering what on earth this cool radio show is even about. Let me tell you, this radio show answers questions from a all levels of English speakers about what certain words or phrases are supposed to mean. The two show hosts explain the elements of history, culture, and family that are intertwined in our modern day English language. Which, again, begs the question, can a leopard change its spots? Can a human being actually expand their knowledge of the English language to make all things spoken and written more interesting and exciting? I hope so. I also hope that I can wrap my head around the fact political campaigns should not be called campaigns. The more accurate word is actually contest, a political contest. The word campaign is military word that is now often misused. Of course, by societies standards, the word campaign is broadly understood in a political context. That does not make it accurate, though. I would have never analyzed the word campaign, but the hosts of A Way With Words clearly explain how the word came…

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