Essay on Campus Climate Has A Tremendous Effect On Student 's Time

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Campus climate has a tremendous effect on how a student’s time in college goes. In order to succeed in college, a student must be comfortable with their surrounding and feel accepted. Unfortunately, not everyone is accepted and/or feels comfortable while on a college campus. This causes student’s grades to slip, lose confidence in themselves, and sometimes drop out. How a student experiences college, is divided among racial lines. Students of color tend to view the campus culture more negatively than white students. For many students, including myself, college is the first time they are around other people from different cultures all over the world. Susan Rankin and Robert Reason note this point in their article “Differing Perceptions: How Students of Color and White Students Perceive Campus Climate for Underrepresented Groups.” They also stated that over the last decade, racial segregation in American high schools has increased. While at the same time, post secondary schools became more racially diverse. This has led to people experiencing people of different races and cultures for the first time in their life. This should provide students with a unique opportunity to learn about people of different races and cultures from different areas of the world, however, that is not how it usually goes. Since this is the first time many students have been around other people besides those who look and act just like them, there are some challenges that occur. The main challenge…

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