Camping For Their Lives By Scott Branford Essay

828 Words Dec 8th, 2015 4 Pages
In his informative essay “Camping for Their Lives,” Scott Branford discusses the political, economic, and social ramifications inflicted upon homeless Americans due to the issue of expensive housing. Bransford purpose in his piece is to dismiss the negative view held toward arising tent cities by highlighting their communal values that can potentiality model future urban development. Branford’s essay can be observed as a criticism due to the topics that are covered such as low wages, rising cost of housing, ethnic exclusion, and lack of government assistance. Consequently, the target audience of his piece is the American people who find the homeless responsible for their own vulnerable economic position rather than being empathized and supported to advance society. In his educational essay, Bransford utilizes rhetorical question, harsh diction, and historical references in order to support his claim that tent cities offer innovation and self- reliance that can be studied in the pursuit to solve rising house costs.
Bransford begins his piece with a modern example of an average American couple experiencing the issue of unaffordable housing. Consequently, he establishes the issue through modern day examples such as individuals living in impoverished communities such as Dignity village and Fresno. Eventually, Bransford progresses to his criticism regarding the current placement system of homeless individuals by comparing the atmosphere of tent cities to those seen in Gold…

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