Callaway Golf Case Study

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Callaway Steelhead XR Irons:
There are motor-heads. There are rock-heads. And then, there is steelhead. Steelhead XR irons are the latest offering from Callaway.
Allow starting the section by qualifying the aforementioned statement. The steelheads irons are the foremost flagship offering of the Callaway. Golf aficionados’ would agree that golfing, steelhead and Callaway are almost synonymous.
In the past, Callaway offered many series in the flagship starting from X-14 through X-22. However, the runaway success X-14 is a part of the golf folklore. Through XR Irons, Callaway has reintroduced the head shapes of X-14. Appropriately infusing it with technology for optimum use in modern day golf.
One of the new features is a layer created from
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They offer very competitive distance control irrespective of the shot. You may exercise an all-out swing and land on the green. Or, take that chip off that bunker. These irons would be there to supplement your skill and the handicap. Moreover, being almost a point and shoot club. You may completely focus on controlling the impact force. Thereby, achieving the desired distance and control thereof.
− Accuracy and Forgiveness: They fall into the category of ‘game improvement clubs’. Be assured that an optimum ratio of accuracy and forgiveness comes built in. You achieve accuracy from inherent design characteristics. Which offer help in the toe and lower on the face area of the blade.
The most forgiving of the lot is the JPX-900 hot metal. Biggest head and loft dynamics renders forgiveness. The loft angle ensures correct elevation and the head fuels it with the generated speed.
− Conclusion: If you had the impression that Muzino is a company that makes equipment for the golfers in the lower handicap spectrum. Take the JPX-900 series as a companion for your next golfing engagement. We assure you that you sure would be in for some surprises. However, if you are looking for a golf club with a heart of gold. Then, the JPX-900 hot metal certainly belongs to the creed of most forgiving golf irons

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