Essay on Call If You Need Me By Raymond Caver

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Raymond Caver’s “Call If You Need Me” told the story of Dan and his wife Nancy trying to revive their relationship after they have both been involved with other people. The prominent imagery from Dan’s narration allowed the reader to understand the complex emotional state of the couple. This point of view allowed the reader to see how Dan judged Nancy actions’, as well as his own, before the initial timeframe of the story as well as throughout the story. Access to Dan’s thoughts informed the reader of mental betrayals throughout the time spent with his wife trying to rescue their marriage. Caver detailed Dan’s experiences with nature to define the underlying emotional progression between Dan and Nancy as they tried, but ultimately failed to save their marriage. Dan’s story began with admitting that both he and Nancy had had affairs and were making an effort to work through their issues by moving out of San Francisco to rural area of Eureka for the summer (182). Their intention that separating from their vices allow focus on themselves and each other to work through their issues. During the trip Dan often thought of his mistress, Susan, particularly during tense moments with Nancy such as before they left San Francisco and when they reached the house in Eureka (184). This mental deviation to Susan from his fundamental goal of spending time with Nancy foreshadowed that his efforts were mute. Nancy also reached out to her mother to give her their contact information and to…

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