California High Speed Rail Essay

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California High Speed Rail
Michael Kimbrell
English 1
Ms. Irwin
August 21, 2011

California High Speed Rail

Looking at the California high speed rail project truly has shocked the public and makes them wonder if this is a great plan for California’s environment. “The current plan will connect San Francisco with Los Angeles cutting a six hour car ride down to two hours and forty minutes”(Souza, 2011). The train running through Kings County will take out many dairies and cut even more in half. Making these cuts will be hard for dairymen to get to their crops or feed their animals. Building the rail is a bad idea due to the fact; money will be taken from schools, it will devastate the future of California’s agriculture industry,
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This will affect him 14,000 dollars more in feed costs a year” (Price, 2011). If one farmers feed cost will increase many will follow. This will be a cause and effect downfall of California, it will cost more to produce for the public therefore the retail prices at stores will increase leaving less money in Californians pockets. If California cannot meet the supply and demand market California will have to start importing products boosting another states economy instead of fixing its own.
Long term Jobs
California’s unemployment rate is very high due to the bad economy and needs a project to create massive amounts of jobs. Many residents rely on the California farm land to support their families. Migrant workers will move from picking season to picking season year round to make a living. Eliminating farm land will eliminate farm workers which mean less money flowing through the economy. Some people are under the impression that by building this rail will bring many unemployed people back to work. Yes, there may be jobs for some people only while the train is being built. After the train is completed there will be no more work for them and will end up on unemployment once again. This project will not fix the jobless rate it only postpones it. “We look to China to build our high speed rail, to be a part of the building process that we are going to go through, many countries will be bidding to build our rail, (and we plan) also to look

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