By Robert Sirico 's Book Defending The Free Market Essay

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ur country has the possibility to change in a bigger way than we ever imagined possible and we have the hands to mold it into the shape we desire, what does that mean for the economy and our everyday lives? In Rev Robert Sirico’s book Defending the Free Market we get an inside look at how money and social conduct between right and wrong are all interconnected. Sircio, reveals the real grit of the situation we have found ourselves in as a country and questions our personal liberties and there connection with the economy. He also offers insight on the approach he believes will eradicate the growing span between the income gap. As well as how the poor can rise up out of poverty and the value he sees in entrepreneurship and a free market. Though I can see the truth in the problems our nation has developed being centered around materialism and spending over saving. Regardless, I believe his ideas on how Capitalism is the answer to successfully eliminate poverty and help the poor isn 't realistic on a global scale.
According to Sirico, philosophical materialism has been placed above the core that built our nation and now the main focus is placed on what a person can get as opposed to what we once stood for. Freedom and faith have been separated which causes a slow and steady deterioration in both (5). Confusion between what we should be concerned with protecting in order to preserve the state of our country keeps edging closer to the exact opposite direction we should be…

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