Bussines and Managment Essay

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‘The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance’.-Socrates .Management and organization is changing. Knowledge in management is very important. Good managers are becoming leaders not bosses, they are using knowledge to build learning organization and stimulates cultural change and innovation. The world is changing, what has been taught in business schools could become no longer relevant in future business word. In the traditional world of work the job of the manager was to control and limit people, seek for stability and productivity, but the way we work is overdue for change. Businesses wants to increase productivity and efficiency, attract the best people with specific skills for the job. Using the new …show more content…
Innovation is very important to keep companies growing and changing and today’s world industries are competing with each other. Innovation may include and may be improved such us new products , services and technologies, investments in the future are really important because this way managers will be able to work with future innovations, corporate values and controlling costs. According to Ian Powell, the Chairman and Senior Partner of PwC the biggest challenge in the UK businesses is the growth, and that we find this growth throw innovation, new markets and investments overseas. This is very important for UK market, as it has ability to develop our innovations in different cultures, also it gives new ideas of how to better improve our businesses. Investments in emerging markets it’s very important as it gives opportunity to corporate and make influence into the market. According to Ian Powell there are many different ways that business is able to reach their clients, and digitalization gives us an opportunity directly connect with them. This innovation has huge effect on digital economy on business. Another important effect is knowledge management. Social media and digitalisation gives them an opportunity to reach their clients and share knowledge. The ‘big data’ becomes very personalised in order to help in achieving client goals and their objectives.

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