Essay about Business Schools and Ethics Course

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(1) I believe that business schools are trying to respond to the social requirement of educating more ethical and social responsible business leaders. As the author suggests, however, I believe that this might be a long process and its results will be hard to predict. I have heard, for example, of a special interdisciplinary business school curriculum implemented by several institutions (Giving Voice to Values) which focuses on the implementation of ethics in the workplace. These kinds of programs suggest that business schools are trying to move to a different direction, where the main goal of the business leaders is to generate and manage a responsible growth. Generally speaking, I think that there is still a lot to be done and that …show more content…
From this point of view I suspect that business schools have not been able so far to address these concerns to their graduates, to make them realise the social extent of their abilities and knowledge.
(4) I think he refers to the decision making based on ethics as details because the details are usually what makes the difference and are, for instance, extremely important factors to distinguish, as the author mentions, a business school from a trade school. The bigger and wider perception of the MBA graduates should help them to get a closer and more detailed vision of the general impact of their actions. I think that the idea is that a decision making process based on ethics is not simply framed in the dichotomy right/wrong or good/bad but it involves more different little components that make that decision ethically and socially responsible. To be careful to the details would be, as the author says, to be capable of getting over the big picture and to establish the impact of that decision.
(5) The rules that the author suggests are somehow sufficient. I would consider a deeper and more specific psychological assessment of the MBA candidate rather than withdrawing the degrees to those who misconduct. I believe it might be much more useful to prevent this problem before enrolling students. At least, I think, this could

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