Business Ethics Essay

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Old Smoke
Explain how you would handle this situation if you were Charles Renfold.
In the situation with Darlene at Redwood Associates, if I were Charles Renfold I would restrict smoking in the workplace. Non-smokers can suffer drastically from secondhand smoke and can put them in great risk. The dangerous particles in secondhand smoke can linger in the air for hours. Breathing secondhand smoke for a short time can irritate your lungs and reduce the amount of oxygen in your blood. Prolonged or repeated exposure to secondhand smoke is all the more dangerous. In regards to Darlene refusing to write the report that management was requesting, I would take into consideration Darlene feelings and the health hazard that she is exposed to by
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Lastly, the police would discuss any violations of the policy.
Explain how this case would change if what bothers Darlene is not old smoke but the smell of Alice’s perfume or Frank’s body odor.
Body odor or the scent of another employee perfume can be very disturbing in the work place. In regards to Darlene situation, if the scent of Alice perfume or Frank’s body odor was not pleasant for her to be productive in the work place, Darlene should speak to Charles Renfold about the situation. Charles Renfold should contact Human Resources with the concern that Darlene expresses so they may handle the situation in a professional manner. Human Resources may offer suggestions to Charles Renfold on how to handle the situation with Alice and Frank. Upon discussing the situation with the employees in private, Charles Renfold should express the concern the employee expresses and offer ways to improve the situation. While discussing the issue with Alice and Frank, Charles Renfold should refer to the company handbook section that discusses personal hygiene.
Explain whether it is fair or reasonable for companies to ban employees from smoking in their cars in the company parking lot. Employees have a right to smoke in their car because it is their personal property; however, if a company rule

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