Business Ethics Essay

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Project Team Assignment Conclusion (Business, Virtue, and the Good Life

Ethical Problems in Business
Master of Business Administration
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Holy Trinity
Bonita Boman, Brian Bell, Winnie Hollingsworth and Cassandra Warren

We have discussed in these twelve chapters the ethical ways of conducting ourselves professionally and moralistically. While reading and discussing various chapters in this book we have concluded that moral judgments of certain business practices and their decisions to engage in those practices are influenced by their personal moral philosophies: for instance the intuitionists advocate striving for the best consequences possible
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We think by achieving this degree will enable us to climb the corporate ladder with more fortitude and confidence. I suppose we do base success on money than on moral values. Because as we look around in our environments we see beautiful home, nice cars, people traveling and just living the good life as we see it.. For instance when we look as a homeless person, we think if that person would have just pressed on maybe they would not be in this condition. However the homeless person has integrity about himself to believe the he or she has achieve their goal in life by simply being able to survive daily essential like eating having clean clothing and a means of shelter, in some cases this is all some people want. But because society snubs their noses at the disadvantage we tend to deemed them unsuccessful for one reason on another. In this circumstance alone we as Christians; could display true integrity by doing what Christ would do, for instance offer employment, showing some means of stewardship. Because Biblically speaking we are all children of God no matter what we have, we are successful to Him because He made us. Integrity is essential to Judeo-Christian business ethics. But today's business environment is complex. Those in business, and those preparing to enter the business world, need to grapple with the question of how

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