Business Ethics Case Essay

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Business Ethics Case

Tina M. Drinka


March 12, 2012
Rob Tischer, J.D., M.A.

Business Ethics Case

Discussed in this paper is the case of Calder v. Jones, 465 United States 783, 1984. Respondent Shirley Jones filed suit in California Superior Court against the National Enquirer claiming libel. Petitioners are South the reporter who wrote the article for the National Enquirer, and Calder who holds the position of president and editor of the National Enquirer.
What Kind of Paper is National Enquirer? The Enquirer/Star Group, Inc. is a holding company for many best selling supermarket tabloids founded in 1926, by William Radolph Hearst, known at that time as the New York Enquirer (Randall, 1986).
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Calder’s position as president and editor includes the responsibility of overseeing every National Enquirer function from subject approval to editing final articles prior to printing. Calder refused to print a retraction on the Shirley Jones article, and holds no direct connections to California. When considering the petitioners’ motion the Superior Court stated that actions of Florida petitioners against California respondent is sufficient to show an assertion of jurisdiction in California but deemed special solicitude necessary or reporters and editors would need to appear in remote jurisdictions answering suits for articles they worked on. Therefore, the rights of the respondent, Shirley Jones would remain satisfied without petitioners appearing as parties, and approved the motion. The California Court of Appeals reversed this decision because the petitioners intended to inflict harm and did so to the California respondent, Shirley Jones, regardless of performing this act outside the state of California.
Defendants Subject to Suit in California Respondent Shirley Jones had been allegedly libeled in article written, edited, and published by the National Enquirer, who’s corporate base is in Florida, but who largest circulation by more than twice exists in California. Shirley Jones’s home is in California, where she also works as a professional entertainer, whose TV career centered in California, and where the October 9, 1979 article

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