Business And Strategic Analysis Of Warrnambool Cheese & Butter Factory Holdings Limited

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Business and Strategic Analysis of Warrnambool Cheese & Butter Factory Holdings Limited
1.1 Company’s Activities
Warrnambool Co. Limited is one of the leading producers of high-quality dairy products for the last 125 years. It is considered the oldest dairy producer and seller in the entire Australia Market. In addition, it longest existence in the marketing has led to its massive employment of the locals to work in its South-West Victoria site. The company started its operations from 1888 with all suppliers becoming its shareholders. The company has realized a significant rise in its operations since its commencement to date. Therefore, the Warrnambool has advanced its operations to incorporate its productions to include all dairy products such as low fat milk, iced milk, cheese, flavored cheddar cheeses, among others.
Warrnambool Company operates its business activities in three distinct segments. The segments include Consumer Goods, the Commodities, and Other. The products produced by the company suits the needs of all customers of all ages. For example, the elderly obtain Enprocal, which is a protein supplement that enable them meet their nutritional requirements in the body. The infants obtain products such as the Infant Formula; hence the products have captured a larger market segment compared to other factories that concentrate in a single product. Moreover, the company’s products have also obtained a good market among the sports people with its products such as the…

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