Essay on Business And Laws Code 25662 ( A )

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Business and professions code 25662 (a)
Teenagers often find themselves caught in situations where it may become difficult to make the right decision. Peer pressure, family, and social situations can all contribute to poor decision making. Due to these factors more teens are making choices like smoking,doing drugs, and drinking alcohol. We can prevent this is by teaching teens how to say no when they feel uncomfortable doing something that could get them into trouble. That is why seminars are being held to teach teens to not fall for anything that they think is good, but is really not the right thing to do.

Business and professions code 25662 (a) is any person under the age of 21 who has an alcoholic beverage on any street or public highway. The repercussions are a misdemeanor and a fine of $250. This law can mean the difference between either for a person to get a job or just remaining jobless and be unable to care for themselves. You can get into some serious trouble with the police if you break this law. You should not consume alcohol while driving under any circumstances. You impair your driving ability. Breaking this law can adversely limit your educational opportunities. There are more obstacles to overcome with a criminal record versus a clean record. It not impossible for an person with a criminal record to get an education, but it is a difficult road to travel. Finding housing with an criminal record is difficult because a person has to rebuild a broken trust.…

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