Business Analysis : Ryanair And British Airways Essay

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For this task I will be analysing two airline companies who have a two different approaches within strategies, with both being very successful companies for their respective customers. The airlines selected for this purpose are Ryanair and British Airways. Inevitably, people know both these brands, yet know they take different approaches when it comes to their strategy approach. For example, British Airways’ slogan is, “the world 's favourite airline”. Whereas Ryanair has the slogan, “The Low Cost Airlines”. The essay will argue why different approaches in competitive environment can be used in strategies to make them successful companies.
Companies need a strategies as it’s a means by which sets out to achieve its desired ends
A business strategy is the means by which it sets out to accomplish its preferred ends, therefore its objectives. In addition, when referred as long-term plans, this will be described as a strategy. Strategies within larger organisations have a long-term strategies, but also short-term ones to ensure that they along the right tracks.
When managers are thinking or creating strategies, often there are aspects left out of the strategy and therefore unsuccessful to fulfil the objectives. However, there are undoubtedly challenges to face which will affect the objectives that’s why it’s important to be realistic in goals yet ambitious. Hendry Minzberg has argued that strategy is hard to get right (Mintzberg, 1987). He therefore developed his famous 5 Ps…

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