Busi 301 Essay

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Whether you’re running a large or small business, be it online or offline, a corporation needs many things to run properly. It needs a structure of some type; it needs furniture, heating, lights, etc… However, the most important thing you need in running a successful business is to have someone that will organize things and keep the department running smoothly are those persons who are identified as managers, and are highly essential to any company and department. Being a good manager always starts with having a plan…which keeps disaster from happening. A company cannot succeed without one. That is when the need of a manager comes in. They’re the ones normally that come in with the why’s and how’s of how they would like the department …show more content…
We all have unforeseen emergencies. Our car might break down on the way to work. We may have a spouse or child that’s ill, or we may tend to oversleep every once in a while. There simply are times when being late just can’t be helped. However, it becomes an issue with your manger when it’s continuous. Then he or she must make the decision of whether or not to keep giving that employee another chance, write him/her up, or eventually let that person go.

Business Publications (2005) states:
“A combination of prevention, penalties, rewards and coaching are often key to dealing with tardiness on an organizational level. The following simple, four-step process can turn a chronically late workforce into a group of right-on-timers, increasing productivity and morale at the same time.” (p. 1)
Establish a system of rewards for employees with perfect attendance and punctuality. Some companies have found that rewards not only incent employees, but also serve as a reminder that punctuality is an important part of company culture. Punctuality incentives are often packaged with attendance records, and rewards can come in the form of anything from free employee parking to department store gift certificates. Managers can use spot bonuses to reward employees who are on time.
Decisions Managers Make ” (Satterlee, 2009, p. 9). Managers have many duties. One being their responsibility to make decisions for the company and/or the department they run. Employees could

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