Bus/475 Week 5 Paper

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Final Strategic Plan and Presentation

Thomas Torres


August 6, 2012

Tosh Stuart

Final Strategic Plan and Presentation
Conceptualizing a Business In today’s society of ever changing needs and trends, a person or business might find themselves lost in the constant overflow of information and the opinions of millions of people collaborating amongst each other. The right path to follow financially is unique to every single individual and business client. Toro Financial Group is a financial services group that provides professional financial advice and leadership to consumers and businesses. The mission of Toro Financial is to provide the utmost professional advice big
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Without the dedication of the company and the dedicated advisors within, the mission statement would have no backbone. It is the vision of the company for the future and the changes that are going to happen indefinitely that keep Toro Financial trustworthy and dependable when the client needs us the most. “Whether or not the mission statement explicitly states these goals, it reflects the firm’s intention to secure survival through growth and profitability” (Pearce 28). The vision statement is what puts the mission statement plan in motion and puts what is written on paper into actions that are seen by the client day in and day out. A vision statement is “a statement that presents a firm’s strategic intent designed to focus the energies and resources of the company on achieving a desirable future” (Pearce 37). For Toro Financial group, the vision statement is the promise that to uphold the security and well being of our clients, we will strive to provide the best advisory solutions and fit our clients with the best products and services without being a fee driven firm. With Toro Financial following this vision statement, the mission statement plan will most definitely be put into action. Law abiding beliefs are what lays the foundation for a good company; Toro Financial follows the same guiding principles that helped found the firm in 1931. “Business ethics concerns the application of general ethical principles and standards to the actions and

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