Bullying Is The Most Common Act Essay

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Bullying is a huge issue among kids these days, though most fall short in giving information about what causes people to bully. The specification on pointing out that most bullying occurs among children and teens at school. Most of the time when people think about bullying them probably visualize kids in middle school and high school so the specifics are not essential for people to understand. Blind to the naked eye, bullying is the most common act that takes place throughout not only one’s childhood, but one’s lifetime. Bullying, which can occur through a facial expression within a matter of seconds, is learned at a young age whether it be brought on by classmates or even from one’s own family member; there seems to be no restrictions. Although the main thing that would be important for our argument is to know when, and why bullying happens. Does it mostly happen before, during, or after school? What are the main reasons for a child to be bullied?
Bullying has become a constant and growing problem around the world. The number one place that bullying occurs is in schools. The place that is supposed to be expanding and preparing the future leaders of the world can be a child’s worst nightmare because of bullies. In most cases, a bully is portraying his dominance on a weaker, smaller, defenseless individual. Victims of bullying often suffer from long-term anxiety and/or self-esteem issues. There have been multiple programs and groups that have set out to stop bullying but most…

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