Bullying Is Common Or Harmful? Essay

1858 Words Dec 20th, 2015 8 Pages
Bullying is common in any school or social teenage setting and is a worldwide problem. This problem, however, is constantly unnoticed and seen as just kids being kids. Where is the line drawn? When does it stop being kids just being kids and start to become something more dangerous? Even when the line is crossed, how often does someone stand up and say something? Why doesn’t anybody help these young, helpless kids? It is time for someone to find a solution and put an end to this worldwide epidemic. Bullying has been known to cause suicide. It is used in many different ways, and usually targets a specific kind of teen or child. Bullying is downplayed because parents tend to think that kids should learn to “fight their own battles” and defend themselves but bullying is much more serious than parents seem to think and could result in something as tragic as suicide or even cause long-term emotional damage. Growing up, everyone has either been involved in or witnessed at least one memorable occasion in which bullying was prevalent. Previous studies have reported that up to 45 % of young people around the world have been involved in bullying (Harcourt). Bullying has led to suicides, school shootings and extreme depression for anyone involved. Bullying is often linked with violence inside or outside school and has attracted increasing attention since the shooting at Colorado 's Columbine High School. That year, two students brought guns to school, both of whom had been identified…

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