Essay on Bullying Is A Negative Topic

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Some would say bullying is a negative topic that can be hard to stop. Bullying can be defined as “Repeated aggressive behaviours that are intended to cause harm to a victim with relatively less power to defend themselves” (Faucher et al. 112). It presents itself as an issue from an early age(such as Kindergarten or Pre-Kindergarten) all the way up to bullying even in the workplace (such as hazing or even cyberbullying). It is a problem that only worsens as the ages climb and can become even suicidal if it gets too severe. Neal Shusterman expresses the issue of bullying very thoroughly throughout the novel Unwind. He shows detail and real-life examples of bullying and the effects it can have on people. It is a sensitive subject as many shamefully admit to bullying someone at least once in their life. As a result of childhood bullying, cliques are formed at older ages, harassment intensifies, and the long-term adverse effects can be sickening. To begin with, bullying forms cliques because others are afraid they will be bullied if they don’t belong to a group. It is coincidental to the very prevalent and widely used phrase, ‘If you can’t beat them, join them’. People will join a certain clique so they don’t have to be the one to get bullied while the unfortunate ones that ‘do not fit in’ will get bullied. Espelage et al. goes into detail about this when they write, “Given that youth increasingly turn to their friends and peer groups during adolescence, it is not surprising…

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