Bullying, Harassment, And Cyber Harassing Essay

2605 Words May 16th, 2016 null Page
When bullying, harassment, and cyber harassing are put together, it can be very catastrophic. Kids are now able to have more access to phones than kids 20 years ago did! Children in the 90’s all they had to social with was in school and playing outside with the neighborhood kids. They didn 't have to worry about the dangers of cyber bullying because it didn’t exist. If they were getting bullied at school they wouldn’t have to worry about it at home because they were safe unless they were getting bullied and abused by their parents. So what is better, the days of less technological use or current days with every year there is some type of new technology being built? That old saying where parents will say “they’re just being kids” or “every kid goes through this.” No child should go through having to feel insecure about themselves because it does lead to an effect in the long run. The difference between bullying and harassment is that bullying can be physical while harassment isn’t but can eventually lead to it. In some cases, people might mix up bullying and harassment, where they might think harassment is when a person is harassing the kid, but it is the opposite. When kids bully, they tend to do it because they want to be empowered or are jealous of the person they choose to pick on. Students and even teachers see bullying as in harassment they don’t. Individuals can’t help if they can’t see what is going on. Bullying only occurs where the bully feels comfortable, but…

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