Bullying : Bullying And Bullying Essay

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Bullies everyone knows about them, everyone has to deal with them all throughout life. Also I 'm sure most people do not like them. Although I 'm pretty sure everyone who has been a victim also has been the bully.

There are countless of times where I was the unlucky victim of a bully incident but on the other hand I am ashamed to say I myself have been a bully almost as many times I have been a victim. But it is not like I wake in the morning and say “I can not wait to bully somebody today.”Although those days are behind me now because I really do not get bullied anymore nor I am the one doing the bullying. I guess when I got older arguing with ignorant people seemed worthless and a waste of time but sadly everyone does not have the same mindset as me,some people are just forever stuck in their childish ways.There are many shapes and forms of bullying. For an example their is cyber bullying which is a major problem in our society. I never really had to deal with cyberbullying, because I am not really not into social media but I do see it all the time though and I also hear about the terrible stories about it and how it drives the victims to do things that they thought they would never do. For example their are hundreds of stories about bullying victims committing suicide because the was to much to handle and nobody should ever feel like they should have to end their life because of others stupidity. Another type of bullying I experienced the most was verbal…

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