Essay on Bullying And The Victim 's Self Esteem

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It is statistically confirmed that participants who engaged in cyberbullying regardless of their roles in the altercation have lower self-esteem than those who are not involved in some type of bullying. Moreover, the relationship between virtual bullying and the victim’s self-esteem is stronger than online bully’s self-esteem in accordance to the standardized regression coefficients.
Aside from differing level self-esteem caused by cyberbullying, it also adversely affects the academic performance of the victim. As consequence to the act of cyberspace altercation, “both victims and the perpetrators miss learning opportunities, diminishing the quality of their education and therefore their academic performance” (Van 277). There are two primary ways students use social technologies to publicly harass and humiliate the victim. First, the perpetrator initiates the bullying in campus while utilizing school-owned digital resources (school-owned laptop, computer lab, or school’s internet). Another way is when the cyber harassment is done off campus using personal cellphones or computer. In most cases, kids who are bullied online are more likely to skip class because the aggressor might be his or her classmate, or if the identity of the bully is unknown then the child might wonder if the harasser is a schoolmate. One virtual bullying scenario would be that the victim knows the bully personally and is ashamed of the student body knowing about the embarrassing content he or she…

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