Bullying And The United States Of America And All Around The World

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There are many different types of bullying in the United States of America and all around the world. One reason there are bullies is because of the way their parents/guardians treat them, others are because of the way parents/guardians don’t treat them, they ignore them all the time. Bullying has become a big problem and can be stopped. Bullying has a negative effect on teenagers because it lowers their self-esteem, causes stress, and ruins reputations through mobbing and cyberbullying. Bullying happens everywhere, in schools, at home, and with friends. When young kids get bullied, they grow up with negative defects. Negative defects are mental disabilities, obesity (Ethan Carter), and physical disabilities. Bullying not only goes on in schools but also at home with the parents and siblings. Kids might feel left out or ignored by the parents when they don’t do anything or even recognize them. Physical abuse also goes on during school and at home. (stopbullying.gov) Cyber Bullying happens all over social media and even on personel accounts on the internet. This takes place on cell phones, computers, ipods, many other electronic devices, on social media websites, and chat rooms. The victim of cyber bullying is attacked through emails, text messeges, and prank phone calls. Cell phones and computers can not be blamed because they can be used for good such as talking to a long distant friend, helping students with school, and to connect with family. Either bullied…

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