Bullying And I Will Be Using Excerpts From The Jug Of Silver By Capote

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My topic for the signature assignment is on Bullying and I will be using excerpts from the jug of silver by capote. Bullying is an aggressive behavior among school aged children which effects a child’s behavior when they grow up. Bully’s target other “weak” students to lash out their anger to be superior to someone. Bullying usually includes actions such as making spreading rumors, attacking someone physically or verbally which is detrimental to child psyche. In my signature assignment I will be researching on the psychology aspect as well as laws the government has implemented to reduce bullying. I will also mention the different workshops/movements that society has provided to stop bullying.
Queer theory is a method of analyzing pieces of literature and studying material that reject traditional categories of gender and sexuality. The main concept of Queer theory is an examination whether characters of a specific piece of literature provides clues of homosexuality rather than the socially constructed nature of sexual acts and identities. Therefore while studying a regular piece of literature the theory shows a different perspective of the characters and as a reader find differences in gender roles and viewing it in a “queer” perspective.
Whereas LGBT literature is focused mainly in the examination into directly natural and unnatural behavior with respect to homosexual behavior. Therefore the reader knows the piece of literature already has content of homosexual nature.…

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