Bullying : A Social Norm Essay

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Running down the hall, looking for a place to hide, and bumping right into the person you are hiding from. It is the life 77 percent of many bullying victim’s face every day, when going to school (School Bullying Statistics). Over time, the world has accepted bullying to be a social norm to happen to children in today 's society (What is Bullying?). A bully is describe to be someone that’s seen as superior or uses intimidation to manipulate their victim’s, having control over the victim and making them do what they want (Dictionary.com). Bullying is so common that anyone could have been bullied, seen bullying, or have done the bullying. Bullying can be physical, emotional, and a social trauma, leaving the victim to be hopeless, fearful, and open to being victimized. Although being picked on and causing physical harm on someone is seen as building character or just child’s play, victims of bullying are constantly facing a battle to obtain an education. Proposing a solution in order to decrease the issue of bullying, will involve parents and teachers educating bullies on their potential outcomes it has on the victims, and providing them ways to improve, while giving security for the victims by creating a safe haven.
Educating the bully lets them know what bullying is, how it affects the victim, and the possible outcome they may face in the future. Informing the bully on what type of actions are bullying is a key start to educating them on their actions. Having to hide…

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